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About The Product


Quantum Leap Your Cash is a 4-part pre-recorded webinar series created by Lynn Scheurell of Creative Catalyst LLC. She’s taught conscious business and entrepreneurial personal development to thousands of entrepreneurs since 1998. As a result of this program, her students have experienced tremendous insights and financial upgrades through their businesses.

(Please note that financial gains are not guaranteed, given that each person’s situation is unique; this program is designed to teach personal awareness for transformation in relationship to money and more.)

About the Affiliate Program


Affiliates receive 50% commission because each of us brings a necessary part of the equation – people and product.

Conscious business is a leading-edge market. Many try to ‘box’ it into spirituality OR hard-core business when, in fact, it’s both topped with personal awareness. While it may be initially challenging to identify how to reach this market, it is under-served and responds well to new products.

How Much Will You Make?


For each sale, you will make $98.50.

If the customer doesn’t purchase on the first visit, Clickbank places a sales tracking cookie that is active for up to 90 days and you will receive commissions on sales through your link as long as that cookie is active.

Who Pays You?


Clickbank pays you via check or wire, sent out weekly or bi-monthly. ClickBank.com is the most trusted third-party Affiliate Program manager on the Internet. They have it down to a science.

Once you have your Clickbank affiliate account, you can log in and see real-time your: hops (how many people you’ve sent to our site), order form impressions, sales and commission payments.

(Please note that, if you are new to Clickbank.com, you will not receive your first commissions until you have generated 5 sales from different IP addresses.)

Getting Started


If you don’t have a ClickBank ID, sign up for free at: www.ClickBank.com. It will take about 60 seconds.

Once you have a Clickbank ID, your link for this product (where you send your traffic to):


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Email / Swipe Copy


Four email templates you can use… feel free to adapt them for your audience. Oh – and you can pull lines or concepts from these for social media marketing too!


When you are on purpose, you are at your most powerful. If you feel like things are taking too long to come together in your business, or you aren’t getting the results you want, there’s a reason that you aren’t ‘bringing’ the power… it’s the things that you DON’T know that are holding you back!

The good news is that you can Quantum Leap when you finally see them.


  1. Your challenges are showing you where you have the most room to grow.
  2. Confusion, chaos and doubt are your gateways to clarity.
  3. Fear only comes up when you’re in action; if you’re not moving, there’s nothing to fear.


Being uncomfortable means you are on the leading edge of your growth (if you were comfy, there’d be no incentive change, right?).

However, if you feel stuck in the discomfort, you’ve got to do something different to grow and increase the flow in your business.

The same mind that created a problem cannot solve it. (Einstein)

So you’ve got to get out of your own way and, ideally, sooner than later. There IS a solution… designed just for you as a conscious, sensitive, heart-centered entrepreneur.


Create an intentional Quantum Leap that allows you to compress time in your learning curve, harness the power of your energy to work for your business and get a fresh perspective on what / how to intentionally create next.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what this new program teaches – how you can create an intentional Quantum Leap.


Click here to learn more and get it now:

It’s the decision that could change the rest of your life.


There are natural cycles to the rhythm of life and, when we ‘ride’ those organic rhythm cycles, we are in alignment with universal tides.

It’s this harmony that allows us to manifest what we want more easily in life and business.

Because quantum energy is the foundation of this aligned harmony, the most direct way to create profound change in your life and business is by working with that quantum energy.

It’s what creates true transformation.

And now there is a way for you to harness that energy intentionally to work FOR you (and your business).

As the threads in the fabric of time and space, quantum energy has (obviously) been used for thousands of years to create results.

By understanding the energy and your relationship to it, you can create intentional results very quickly. And that’s what this new program teaches:


Quantum leaping isn’t so much a mystery as a build-up of energy that you intentionally direct and then follow to where it takes you.

For a visual, think of wanting to get to the top of the really tall cliff from the beach – you could do the eight hour trek it would take to go around the backside of it, climb the face of it (which might take even longer) or you could intentionally call in a tsunami wave to pick you up and then place you on top of that cliff in minutes.

The choice is yours, when you know how to create a Quantum Leap.


Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry about cash flow in your business anymore… you could do what you love to do without thinking twice… you’d feeeeel successful…

you’d be paid what you think you’re worth (and be able to graciously receive it!).

So what’s stopping you?

What’s blocking you from getting paid for who you are?

Do you realize that what you’re charging for through your business is the value of your worth? (Are you charging enough?)

Where are you out of alignment with your business so that you’re both successful?

How are you showing up daily – as a person who deserves to be paid well or ???

Your business is you. And both you and your business get to be paid fairly by working with kind, appreciative and generous clients who have the ability to pay you easily.

Discover what you can do to Quantum Leap Your Cash by learning what you need to know for greater success NOW in your business.

This program is not just ‘fluff’ – it’s about leading-edge concepts as well as practical how-to’s that will take you beyond your current perceptions to the new levels of consciousness that are required for a Quantum Leap.

Go beyond your comfort zone by making a little leap now and getting this program today!


The one thing that has the power to keep entrepreneurs up at night – besides new ideas! – is figuring out cash flow.

The good news is that cash is all around you… it’s really a matter of understanding how to access it quickly and easily.

There is a systematic way to dramatically increase your revenues when you know how to do it.

Oddly enough, it’s not through business tactics or techniques – instead, it’s about Quantum Leaping yourself AND your business!

While some use this as a ‘catchy’ buzz word, there is an actual process that you can use time and time again to dramatically upgrade your revenues (and more!).

–> In A Nutshell <–

Clarity is your power to manifest in action.

Fresh results begin from your clarity.

Clarity underlies all of your choices – including your ability to Quantum Leap.

Your thoughts are the barometer of your clarity so it’s important to catch yourself in what you think to gauge how clear you are in making choices and taking action.

The thoughts you think are normal to you, so how do you “catch” yourself thinking in order to manifest your desired results?

You invest in a program that systematically guides you through new levels of awareness.

Get it now: LINK

Contact Lynn Directly


Given that this is leading-edge material, I want to make sure you’re comfortable with it. So please get ahold of me and let me know your questions!

The best way is via email: lynn (at) my creativecatalyst.com. I check email daily so you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Secondly, you can snail mail here:

P.O. Box 1626

Leander, TX 78646

Third, you can call here: 760.534.4770 (although fair warning – you’ll likely get my voicemail as I work with my clients by phone!).

Lastly, we can Skype – but know I’m only on there when scheduled. Let me know that you prefer this and I’ll send you my handle.

Personal Note


I’m honored that you feel my program might be a good fit for your audience. It’s been my life’s work to teach entrepreneuring through the lens of consciousness since 1998. If you want to learn more about the leading edge of business, feel free to download my Zaggernaut Manifesto – then let me know what you think about it.

Know that there are no accidents – you found this program for a reason. And I’m thrilled!

Please remember that I’m standing by to connect with and support you in sharing this important work… because when one person grows, we all benefit.

With appreciation ~

Lynn Scheurell
Business Catalyst